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Expert legal advice online.

Join Canada Law Expert (CLE) to have direct and immediate access to lawyers with many years of legal practice experience demonstrable results in designing “partnership solutions” for our clients.


Canada Law Expert is an innovative legal established to provide our clients with affordable, reasonable and insured access to legal services when it matters the most! 


Our mission is making access to experienced and reliable legal services affordable and easy to access by all.

How Does It Work

Step 1

Sign up for one of our affordable and comprehensive plans to gain access to our resources and knowledge.

Step 2

Call or email us with any legal questions you may have in regards to Debt, Accidents, Estates, Property, Family Law and more.  

Step 3

We answer your questions, provide documents, guide you and give you support through all your legal inquiries.


What do you get with Canada Law Experts?

First of all you get reliable and dedicated legal services from experience lawyers and legal practitioners.​ At the first sign of a legal issue, you have a direct access to an experience lawyer who will immediately attend to your legal issue; You will receive continuous legal services and support; including reliable referrals to third party services that will improve your legal solutions.

Our Lawyers will put you the client First always.

Legal Advice

Provide Advice

We provide expert advice from our licensed and experienced lawyers

Legal Representation


We can represent you in court, with a justice or with any legal dealings

Legal Documents

Review Documents

We can review legal documents such as contracts, workplace documents, copyright and real estate. 

Legal Document Writing

Draft Documents

We can write documents for you such as policies, real estate, NDA's, contracts and much more.

What areas do we specialize in?

Why Canada Law Experts

At CLE, our subscribed members are treated with priority while gaining access to top notched experienced lawyers and legal practitioners. Your monthly subscription to our services ensures that when you get access to the best lawyers without breaking the bank.


It is a simple being connected to one of our very experienced lawyers and or legal practitioners who are on standby waiting to assist you when it matters the most.


We are trying to break the stereotype that all lawyers are unaffordable or only for the wealthy. This is not the case we are real people with real affordable rates.


Our well qualified and experience lawyers and legal practitioners have the necessary training and expertise to provide you with the professional legal experience you require when it matters the most.

Lawyers Talking

We Make It Easy

Our professional legal services are built on a very simple philosophy of “direct access” using the most reliable, safe and easy technologies available in the market place.

We are mindful of the everyday challenges our members must navigate in their daily life activities. So, we designed a flexible and easy but secured access points to meet your demands.

Access to
professional lawyers

All you have to do is use one of the multi-access points of contact readily available on our platforms and you will be in contact with the best lawyers for your specific legal issues.

Canada Law Experts
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